Town Council Committees

Town Council Standing Committees

Note: The Chair of the Town Council is a non-voting member of all standing committees.

Finance Committee:

James Hager, Jr(Chair), Paul Smith, Suzanne Phillips

Ordinance Committee:

Sherrie Benner(Chair), Marla Stelk, Ronald Shepard

Appointments/Personnel Committee:

Marla Stelk(Chair), Sherrie Benner, Suzanne Phillips

Economic Development/Capital Improvements Committee:

Ron Shepard(Chair), Paul Smith, James Hager

Town Council Appointments

Representative to Greater Portland COG:

 Marla Stelk, Ephrem Paraschak(Alternate)

Ecomaine Representative:

Sherrie Benner

Representative to Jetport Noise Abatement Committee:

James Hager

Pacts Policy Committee Representative:

Robert Burns

Representative to Metro Regional Coalition:

Ron Shepard

Gorham High School Building Committee:

Suzanne Phillips, Paul Smith

Gorham Athletic Campaign Committee:

Jim Hager

Cable Franchise Committee:

Rob Shepard, Jim Hager