Committee Duties

  1. Learn of state, regional, and local efforts to recycle from interaction with:
    1. Maine Waste Management Agency
    2. Regional Waste Systems
    3. Successful recycling efforts in other communities
    4. USM
    5. Special recycling seminars
    6. Maine Resource Recovery Association
  2. Assist and advise Town Council and Town Staff on development of a comprehensive recycling program:
    1. Conduct survey of citizens to determine attitudes and preferences
    2. Suggest items to be recycled
    3. Develop strategies on how, when, and where recycling can be accomplished. (Strategy to look at curbside v. drop off collection of recyclables, mandatory v. voluntary participation, and possible implementation of incentive fees.)
    4. Advise on state mandates and law
    5. Develop a composting program
    6. Work with business to implement office paper/corrugated cardboard recycling programs.
  3. Promote and publicize recycling throughout the community (within schools, businesses, industry, and homes) by utilizing local newspapers, annual reports, cable TV, schools, special promotions, etc.
  4. Promote and publicize waste reduction throughout the community.
    1. Explore WasteCap and Model Community programs through the Maine Waste Management Agency
    2. Implement waste reduction measures in Town Hall and other facilities
    3. Educate citizens about waste reduction
  5. Encourage, with other recycling committees, the development of national and international markets to deal with what we recycle.