Licenses and Permits

Automobile Graveyard and/or Junkyard Permit

Annual license which expires December 31st of each year.

For an application, contact the Code Enforcement Office at 222-1605.

Annual License$50.00

Certificate of Sole Proprietor (D/B/A)

Whenever any person intends to engage in a business as a sole proprietor, and to adopt any business name, style or designation other than his own name exclusively, he/she is required by state law, before commencing business, to file a Certificate of Sole Proprietor in the Town Clerk's Office in the city or town in which such business is to be conducted.  You will have to appear in person at the Town Clerk's Office before signing the form.

Filing Fee$10.00

Coin Operated Amusement Device Permit

Annual Permit of those machines whether mechanical or electronic which upon insertion of a coin, slug, token plate or disc may be operated by the public generally at public premises for use as a game, entertainment or amusement, but not limited solely to musical entertainment. 

Maximum devices permitted: 8

Each machine$100.00

Commercial or Residential Refuse Collector License

Annual license to collect, recycle, or haul solid waste generated within the boundaries of the Town of Gorham.

Residential hauler  $700.00

Commercial hauler


Door-To-Door Solicitation Permit

30 day permit to offer goods, services or real property for sale or rent or to provide information for the purpose of promoting the sale or rental of goods, services or real property door to door.

Business processing fee$10.00 (per fee)

Fraternity and Sorority Houses License

Annual licensing is required to ensure the safe operation of fraternity and sorority houses, as defined, for residents who are living in these facilities and to ensure that fraternities and sororities are good neighbors within the immediate areas in which they are located.

  • License Application
Filing Fee$25.00

Large Outdoor Event License

Outdoor event shall mean any gathering held outdoors with the intent to attract one thousand (1,000) or more persons for a festival, exhibition, amusement, show, fair, theatrical performance, musical performance, road race/athletic event or similar activity or any gathering held outdoors with the intent to attract 250 or more people that will continue overnight.

Large Outdoor Event$100.00

Massage Therapist/Establishment License

Annual license to operate a therapeutic massage establishment or to work as a massage therapist.

Massage Therapist$50.00
Conditional Massage Therapist$50.00
Massage Establishment$75.00
Combined Massage Establishment & Massage Therapist$100.00
Required Background Check$31.00

Mobile Home Park/Campground/Trailer Park License

An annual license for the operation of a new or existing mobile home park/campground/trailer park.

Up to 10 mobile homes$25.00 ($2.00 for each additional accommodation)
Up to 50 trailer lots$25.00 ($1.00 each lot additional lot)

Parades and Processions Permit

Event permit allowing a parade, road race, athletic event, walk, procession or assemblage.

To apply for permit contact Gorham Police Department 839-5581.

Special Amusement Permit

Annual permit required for music, dancing or entertainment of facilities licensed by the state to sell liquor.

Class I - Live performances of music of up to 3 live musicians or singers$50.00
Class II - All privileges allowed in a Class I permit plus dancing$75.00
Class III - All the privileges allowed in Class I and Class II permits plus a floor show type of entertainment$100.00

Victualer's License

Any place where food or drink is prepared or served to the public for consumption on or off the premises, shall be licensed annually as a Victualer.

Establishments with on-site consumption of liquorClass I $100.00
Establishments without on-site consumption of liquorClass II $50.00
Mobile vending unitsClass III $25.00

Other Common Licenses: