Town of Gorham Outdoor Dining Policy Updated to Allow for Temporary Banners

Outdoor dining

In response to the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic, the Town of Gorham previously adopted an Outdoor Dining Policy to encourage and better assist public dining options available under the current circumstances. The Policy does not require obtaining additional use permits or approvals from the Town.

The Town has updated this policy to allow for temporary banners no greater than 15 sq. feet without a permit through September 7, 2020.

Town staff is available to provide any assistance needed to businesses looking to open with public dining meeting the Outdoor Dining Policy. If you have any questions or wish to discuss further, please contact Gorham Economic Development Director - Kevin Jensen at 222-1628.

The goal is to encourage more outdoor dining options to support Gorham's local business community while keeping patrons safe. Please know we value your feedback as we implement this policy, and we are open to suggestions on ways to improve it.

Click below to view the Town of Gorham's Updated Outdoor Dining Policy.