New Garbage to Garden Composting Service Now Available in Gorham

G2G Gorham

Correction: This announcement has been updated to correct inaccurate information previously reported as Garbage to Garden is not associated with Benson Farms.

Did you know that "1 household composting for 3 years = 1 TON of food waste diverted from landfills" (Garbage to Garden)?

Gorham has joined the community of Garbage to Garden (G2G) service areas across Maine for a pilot program in which residents can drop off organic waste at a local drop off site to be used to renew our local soil.

Find Gorham’s drop off site behind Gorham Public Safety (270 Main Street), adjacent to the Gorham Skate Park off of Chick Drive. 

Compostable ItemsNon-Compostable Items
Vegetables, fruit, citrusPlastics and styrofoam
Breads, grains, seedsChemicals
Meat, dairy, bones, shellsMetals
Coffee grounds and loose teaGlass
Leaves, brush (thinner than a pencil), and other inert organic debris not treated with pesticidesPet waste and diapers
Napkins and paper towelsPlease, no: plastic wrap, twist ties, stickers, rubber bands
Pet hairAny inorganic materials
Cooking oil, fat, grease* (*collect cooking oil in a separate container with a lid and place it next to your bucket on garbage day, if you subscribe for the curbside recycling program)Brush or sticks (thicker than a pencil)
 Wax and parchment paper

Compost is then collected by G2G each week and brought to local farms where compost - certified by Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association (MOGFA) - is produced for use in organic gardening.

Gorham residents can also sign up for the G2G curbside program for household composting, and G2G will collect organic waste. If requested, G2G will also drop off a bag of MOGFA-certified compost.

G2G composting buckets are available at the G2G Office located at 352 Presumpscot Street, Portland ($8.00 each), as well as participating Hannaford Supermarkets and other stores. Visit for a list a nearby retailers.

Benefits of Composting

Join your neighbors in recycling food waste through the Garbage to Garden (G2G) composting program and realize these benefits:

  • Reduced use of garbage bags
  • Receive free compost
  • Reduce landfills and methane emissions
  • Increase soil fertility
  • Reduce stormwater run-off
  • Increased nutrition of food grown in compost
  • Improved air quality
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Learn about the new Garbage to Garden composting option in Gorham.