2021 Road Load Postings

2021 Posted Roads
Town of Gorham Posted Roads

Due to the current freeze/thaw weather cycle that we are experiencing, Public Works will initiate “Road Load Posting” of selected Town roads on Tuesday, February 23, 2021.  These roads will remain posted through May 1, 2021, unless otherwise determined by this department:


Buck St  - North St. to  Town Line

Burnham Rd. – County Rd. to Scarborough Town Line

Clay Rd. – Wood Rd. to Ossipee Trail

Cressey Rd.  -  Narragansett St. to Ossipee Trail

Day Rd. – South St to Brackett Rd

Deering Rd. – County Rd. to Buxton Town Line

Dingley Springs Rd.  -  Ossipee Trail to Fort Hill Rd

Dingley Springs Rd Ext – Ossipee Trail to Line Rd

Dunlap Rd. – Plummer Rd to Sebago Lake Rd

Dyer Rd. – Huston Rd. to Wards Hill Road

Elliot Rd. – Line Rd. to Files Rd.

Files Rd. – Dow Road to Ossipee Trail

Finn Parker Rd. – Buxton Line to Dow Rd. (Route 112)

Flaggy Meadow Rd. – State St to Buxton Town Line

Great Falls Rd. – Sebago Lake Rd to North Gorham Rd

Harding Bridge Rd.  -  Huston Rd. to End

Hodgdon Rd. – County Rd. To Burnham Rd.

Hurricane Rd. – North Gorham Rd to Windham Town Line

Johnson Rd. – Gray Rd. (202) to New Portland Road

Libby Ave.  -  Gray Rd. (Route 202) to Main Street

Line Rd – Dow Rd (Rt 112 to Buxton Town Line)

Longfellow Rd – Brackett Rd. to Westbrook Town Line

Lowell Rd. – New Portland Rd. to Longfellow Rd.

Mallison St – Gray Rd to Mosher Rd

McLellan Rd. - South St. to Brackett Rd.

Middle Jam Rd. - No. Gorham Rd. to Standish Town Line

Mitchell Hill Rd.  -  Nonesuch Rd. to Scarborough Town Line

Nonesuch Rd. – Burnham Rd to Mitchell Hill Rd

North Gorham Rd. – Sebago Lake Rd. to Windham Town Line

North Street – Fort Hill Rd. to Buck St.

Osborne Rd. – Flaggy Meadow Rd to Buxton Town Line

Plummer Rd.  -  Sebago Lake Rd. to Wescott Rd.

Queen Street – Gray Rd to Mosher Rd.

Shaws Mill Rd. – Ossipee Trail to Standish Town Line

Spiller Rd. - Ossipee Trail to Fort Hill Rd

Standish Neck Rd. – North Gorham Rd. to Standish Town Line

Wards Hill Rd. – Harding Bridge Rd to Sebago Lake Rd

Waterhouse Rd. - South St. to end

Wescott Rd.  -  Fort Hill Rd. to Plummer Rd.

Wilson Rd.  -  Sebago Lake Rd. to Hurricane Rd.  

Wood Rd. – Rt.25 to Finn Parker Rd.

Other roads may be posted if necessary based on an assessment of road conditions by the Department.