What is public access television?

The Town of Gorham has negotiated a cable franchise agreement with a Cable Television Provider. In Gorham’s case, that is Time Warner Cable.

Federal law allows the town to require the cable provider to offer a “public, educational, or government (PEG) access channel (or channels) on the local channel lineup. Access channels are intended for unrestricted use by citizens, schools, and municipalities. Gorham has 2 PEG channels. The community has channel 2, GOCAT TV2. The School Department and Town has channel 3, GGETV.  Access channels focus on "local origination programming”.

GOCAT TV2 and GGETV TV3 are only broadcast to residents in Gorham who have cable access. Neighboring towns don’t see our programming. Most use the same cable channel locations such as 2 or 3 to broadcast their own access information.