Student Live-In Program

The student live-in program is designed for local college students pursuing a career in public emergency services.  Students are given room and board in exchange for responding to calls and attending functions and trainings.  The student live-in program has been utilized for more than 10 years with great success, graduating Police Officers, Firefighters, and Paramedics throughout Maine.

Expectations, Rules and Regulations

Minimum Requirements for Program Participation:
  1. Must be 18 years of age.
  2. Must be full-time student enrolled at a local college.
  3. Must submit an application/resume to the Gorham Fire Department for employment.
  4. Must successfully complete on oral interview.
  5. Must successfully complete a department physical.
  6. Must have a valid drivers license with no OUI convictions or other major violations and pass a criminal records check.
  7. Must attend Rookie School Training*, unless proof can be provided of completion of equal training.
  8. Must have own means of transportation.
  9. Must sign a written contract with the Gorham Fire Department.
  10. Student must be enrolled as a full-time student in a post secondary educational institution as a condition of this agreement. Student must provide Department with verification of his/her status as such a full-time student at the time of the execution of this agreement.
  11. Students must maintain a “C-” in all subjects as a condition of this agreement and shall provide a copy of his/her grades at the end of each semester to the Student Advisor.
B. Student Responsibilities:
  1. Students will be required to be in quarters at 2200 hours until 0700 hours, unless he or she has received prior permission from the Chief, Deputies or Student Advisor with the exception of school holidays, school vacations and weekends.
  2. Two (2) students at Central Station and one (1) student in the other Stations shall be in the station on weekends, from 0000 hours to 0700 hours. A schedule will be posted in the student study area and will be submitted to the Chief's Office.
  3. Students are expected to respond on all calls when in the station, and shall be active in business meetings, trainings, and other company functions.
  4. Students are required to have bunks made by 0700 hours, except on weekends when the bunks shall be made by 0900 hours.
  5. Students shall maintain the living area in a clean and presentable condition at all times.
  6. Housework shall be shared equally by each student. The students shall be accountable and responsible for all daily housework.
  7. Students are expected to assist the full-time techs / full-time firefighter with station duties while they are in quarters.
  8. Students may have visitors at the station. They must leave by 2200 hours or sooner should the students need to study. At no time shall a visitor stay overnight without prior approval of the Chief, Deputy Chief, or Student Advisor providing that the other student(s) do not object. Visitors are not allowed in the bunk room area.
  9. No alcohol or drugs are permitted on the station premises and the illegal use of drugs or alcohol by students at any time is forbidden. At no time shall any student be on station premises or perform any Fire Department function while impaired by or under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs.
C. House Duties:
  1. A cleaning schedule will be provided to the student.
  2. This will be jointly performed between the students, the paramedics, and the day Firefighters at Central Station and will be the responsibility of the students in the other stations. The Call Company will also be responsible for cleaning up after meetings and trainings.
D. Apparatus Checks:
  1. Checks will be done once per week by each student.
  2. Checks will include completing the necessary components of the provided forms.

*Rookie School Training is defined as completion of Mods 1 through 6.