Become a Firefighter or EMT

Town of Gorham Introduction and Expectations For Employment

GFD provides fire protection for a town of 59 square miles as well as mutual support for surrounding communities. Covered by six stations, there is a need for new members to respond to car crashes, fires, and medical emergencies near their homes. GFD provides the most current training opportunities of any department around, and can fill some extra time you may have with activities like structural fire attack, vehicle extrication, live burn training, hazardous materials training, confined space training, water rescue, as well as personal development. The town is willing to pay for pre-employment screening and issue gear to the most qualified candidates whom interview well and be accepted for employment. This is a large expense to the department and the taxpayers of Gorham, so only serious applicants please apply.

  • Chain of Command:  You must properly follow the chain of command with any issue, complaint, question or general correspondence.  Your first stop is your Company Officer.
  • Six (6) district stations (three shared)/North Gorham, Standish/South Windham, Gorham/North Scarborough, Gorham Fire Dept. Standard Operating Procedures are available at each station. If living in a shared station district, you must apply to both Towns.
  • You will be on a 3-month probation period during your training.  If training is not completed on the apparatus you are assigned to within the three month time period, or to the Officer’s satisfaction, you may be terminated.  Upon completion of training, you will be on probation for an additional three months, for a total of six months with a complete review of your duty status and operations ability.  If your review is found to be unsatisfactory, you may be terminated.  Your status will be reviewed quarterly by your Company Officer who will report to the Station Captain.
  • If a member of Rescue only, you will be a member of Central Station.
  • At the end of the six month probation, all Fire members will have a review of their status including driver training, meeting attendance, training and responding to calls.  If the review is favorable, they may apply to take the in-house FFI class.  (Rookie school 200 hours over a period of 5 months.)  Contract required.
  • At the end of the six month probation, all Rescue members will have a review of their status including the required 24 hours of monthly duty time.  If the review is favorable, they may apply to the Chief’s office to take an EMT Basic course.  (120 hour class, 2 nights per week with some Saturdays, approximately 4 months.)  Contract required.
  • Members must attend monthly Fire/Rescue meetings held at Central on the 3rd Wednesday of every month.
  • Weekly trainings are open to all members, approximately 2 hours starting @ 1830 or 1900 hours.
  • Fire pay and training pay is based on curriculum-based level of training.
  • Rescue pay is based on level of license.
  • Minimum of 24 hours of duty time per month required (Rescue).
  • Respond to calls, attend trainings to maintain level 2, and attend meetings (Fire).
  • Commitment from the Town is $2,500 for administrative/pre-employment cost, gear, training etc.
  • Rookie school and EMT course may not be taken within the same calendar year from date of hire.
  • Field training required for new EMS member.
  • Fire apparatus operator 3 driving hours/3 pumping hours, with the exception of the “Quint” in District 3.  This requires 6 hours of driving and 4 hours of operation.  After testing by Company Officer after training period, more training may be required at the Company Officer’s discretion.
  • Pre-employment physical required before hire, respiratory questionnaire completed based on employee age every 5, 2, 1 year/s or at physician’s discretion.
  • Mandatory annual training, testing, etc.: 
    • Hepatitis-B shots or waiver if declined
    • Workplace Harassment
    • Blood borne pathogens
    • Airborne pathogens
    • Respiratory Protection
    • Fit testing (SCBA and N-95)
    • Driver re-certification (bi-annually)
    • Protected Health Information
    • Hazmat R & I
    • TB testing
    • Extinguishers
    • OSHA respiratory questionnaire, when applicable

Town of Gorham Application for Employment with Gorham Fire

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