Requesting Inspections

CONTACT US AT 207- 222-1605

Note: Please give as much advance notice as possible when requesting inspections.

Must call for an inspection as needed.  The Code Enforcement Office will attempt to schedule as quickly as possible and at the 1st available opening as the schedule allows.

What Inspections are Required and When?

Foundations: Call prior to backfilling, when all the metal ties have been removed, when holes have been water plugged and tarred, and when the perimeter drains and rock have been installed.

Subsurface Waste Water System (Septic): Call prior to backfilling for 1st & 2nd inspections.

Sewer Connections (House to the street): Call prior to backfilling.

Framing and Rough Electrical: Call prior to any insulation and sheetrock being installed.

Plumbing: Prior to any insulation or sheetrock, and during the inspection, a water test or air test with a relief valve must be done. (The test must include all basement piping.)

Insulation: Prior to any sheetrock being installed.

Final Occupancy: Prior to occupancy of the building, a final inspection must be made and a “Certificate of Occupancy” issued.

* Rough-In Inspections including Framing and Rough Electrical & Plumbing are done as one inspection.