Revaluation Project 2021-22

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The Town of Gorham will commence its revaluation of all real estate beginning in April 2021 and concluding by August 2022. The results of the revaluation will be applied to November 2022 property tax bills. Under the supervision of Cumberland County Regional Assessing, the Town has contracted with Vision Government Solutions to perform this work. The Town of Gorham has created this Revaluation Project Page, which will include updates as the revaluation project progresses. This page includes information regarding the process, as well as a project schedule. Additional updates can be found via our Facebook page. For more information, please view our Revaluation Fact Sheet here.

Basic Project Information

WHAT IS A REVALUATION? During a revaluation, all real property in the town is reviewed and assessments are adjusted to their fair market value. A revaluation is the process of conducting the data collection and market analysis necessary to equalize the values of all properties within a municipality for the purpose of a fair distribution of the tax burden.

Beginning in late April 2021, data collectors from Vision Government Solutions will begin visiting Gorham properties to conduct exterior evaluations (interior evaluations will not occur until later in 2021 and 2022). 

WHAT HAPPENS DURING A REVALUATION? A revaluation project begins with a Data Collection phase. Gorham will undergo a Full Data Verification Revaluation. Data verification is accomplished through a physical inspection of both the interior and exterior of each property. Improvement dimensions and characteristics are noted.

While the data collection phase is going on, appraisers also study property sales and determine where the actual increases and decreases in value are occurring. This study of property sales occurs over a 12-month period prior to April 1, 2022. Appraisers make comparisons and establish parameters to estimate the value of property that has not been sold. The appraisers then review this collected data and apply the determining factors of the sales analysis to value of each property.

Project Schedule 

Exterior Data Collection of Properties

April 2021-February 2022

Interior Data Collection of Properties

July 2021-May 2022

Land Study and Building Cost Study

January 2022-May 2022

Field Review

March 2022-June 2022

Commercial Study of Market Rents, Expenses & Capitalization Factors

April 2022-June 2022

Deliver Residential & Commercial Values to Assessor

June 2022

Assessor Review of Values

June 2022

Assessment Hearing Notices Mailed

Late June 2022

Informal Hearings and Hearing Changed Notices Mailed Out

July 2022


August 2022

Project Completion

August 2022

*Note this schedule is subject to change

WILL DATA COLLECTORS COME TO MY HOME? Collection of property data will occur in two phases. In phase 1, beginning in April 2021 and continuing throughout the year, data collectors will inspect the exterior of every property in Gorham. Residents need not be home for this inspection. Data collectors will take measurements and walk around the exterior of the property. In Phase 2 of the project, data collectors will ask to see the interior of your home. This phase will begin in July 2021 and continue into 2022. The inspection will take approximately 10 to 15 minutes. While it is not mandatory for residents to allow inspectors interior access, the data they are collecting is vitally important to the accuracy and uniformity of the assessments. 

WHERE IN GORHAM WILL DATA COLLECTORS BEGIN WORKING?  In spring 2021, data collectors from Vision Government Solutions will begin visiting Gorham properties to conduct exterior evaluations. The area that data collection will begin will be announced here – please check back for regular updates. 

Health & Safety

HOW WILL SAFETY AND SOCIAL DISTANCING BE MAINTAINED DURING AN APPRAISAL? Data collectors have been trained in all CDC recommended health and safety protocols. They will always wear masks and maintain six feet of distance from home owners. Interior inspections will not begin until summer 2021 and continue into 2022.

HOW CAN I IDENTIFY A DATA COLLECTOR? All data collectors working on Gorham’s revaluation project work for Vision Government Solutions of Hudson, Massachusetts. Most of the data collectors conducting Gorham’s revaluation live in Maine and will drive vehicles with Maine license plates. In some cases, however, a data collector may use a vehicle with out-of-state plates. In ALL cases, every data collector vehicle will be marked with the name and logo of Vision Government Solutions (see logo below). Data collectors will be dressed in bright yellow vests and will be wearing a lanyard and photo identification badge. They will also have a letter of authorization from the Town of Gorham. If at any time, you are suspicious of an individual asking for entry into your home, you may contact Gorham Police Department at their non-emergency number (207-839-5581) for verification. 

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