Department Organization

The Gorham Department is organized into four divisions, the Administrative Division, the Patrol and Community Services Division, School Liaison Division, and the Investigative Division.

Organizational Chart

The Administrative Division consists of the Chief of Police, Lieutenant, and an Administrative Assistant.  The Chief of Police and Lieutenant are responsible for the overall administration and supervision of the Police Department, insuring that professional police services are provided to the citizens of Gorham.  The Administrative Assistant is responsible for all record keeping, court preparations, and provides administrative support to the Chief and Lieutenant.

The Patrol and Community Services Division is the most visible division within the community. This division is composed of uniformed patrol officers.  This division consists of four sergeants, ten patrol officers, and an ACO / TEO Officer.  In addition to their patrol functions, they field initial complaints filed by citizens.  Assignments within this division also include Community Resource Officers, ACO / Traffic Enforcement Officer, Field Training Officers, Accident Reconstructionist, Drug Recognition Expert and Hazardous Materials Technician.

The School Liaison Division consists of two School Resource Officers.  One Officer is assigned to the K-5 Grades, which includes the instruction of the D.A.R.E Program.  The other Officer is assigned to Grades 6-12 and co-instructs within the health program.  In addition to their instructional duties, these officers handle all the calls for service generated through the schools.

The Investigative Division is comprised of a detective sergeant, two detectives, DEA Task Force Agent, and a detective's assistant.  Detectives are assigned to follow-up on the more serious crimes, as well as the offenses that require extensive follow-up or specialized investigation.  They are responsible for the majority of crime scene and evidence processing.  They work co-operatively with other local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies.  The DEA Task Force Agent is assigned as an investigator to the Federal Drug Enforcement Agency.  This officer conducts local, state, and multi-jurisdictional drug investigations.  These cases are prosecuted at the state and  federal levels.  The detective's assistant is responsible for administrative support to the detective division.

Communication Services for the police department are provided by the Cumberland County Regional Communication Center.