2017 Street Sweeping Schedule

Public Works has started with rough street sweeping and will start with scheduled street sweeping as weather and snow melting permit. Updates to the schedule below will be made public as soon as the dates are determined. Please see below for full route information.

All Gorham Schools – Week of 4/18/2017                                                                         

Route 1 – Week of 4/24/17                                                     
Gray Rd
Rt 237 (Canal St - Roundabout)
Newell St
Huston Rd
Sleepy Hollow Dr
Ichabod Ln
Ichabod Ln Ext
Horseman Dr
Harding Bridge Rd
Hannah Dr
Canal St
Union St
Acorn St
Pleasant St
Tow Path Rd
Gale St
Mallison St
Aspen Dr
Little River DR
Longmeadow Dr
Parker Hill Rd
Queen St
Libby Ave (North of Rt 202)
Tannery Brook Rd
Lily Ln
Hope Dr
Route 2 – Week of 4/24/17                                                     
Main St. (Public Safety to Westbrook Line)
Gray Rd (Acorn St to Main St)
Libby Ave (Rt 25 to Rt 202)
Bartlett Rd
Hutcherson Dr
Laurence Dr
Industrial Parkway
Walnut Crest Rd
Sanford Dr
Gateway Commons Dr
Shamrock Dr
Timber Ridge Rd
Clearview Dr
Portal Way
Joseph Dr
Libby Ave (Rt 25 to Rt 202)
Cumberland Way
Hidden Pines Dr
Wagner Farms
Primrose Ln
Lawn Ave
Sunset Ln
Garden Ave
Public Safety
Chick Dr
Town Commons
Old Dynamite Way
Route 3 – Week of 5/1/17                                
Brackett Rd
Elkins Rd
Veranda Dr
Lowell Rd
Longfellow Rd
Barnfield Ln
McQuillians Hill
Day Rd
Louise St
Shirley Ln
Newton Dr
McLellan Rd
Mahlon Ave
Beatrice St
New Portland Rd
Herrick Rd
Black Brook Dr
White Birch Ln
Libby Ave (Rt 25 - New Portland Rd)
Willowdale Dr
Wingergreen Dr
Shepards Way
Marathon Ave
Old Oak Ln
Pine Cone Ln
Town Common
Route 4 – Week of 5/1/17                                                        
South St (Weeks Rd - Rt 22)
County Rd
Burnham Rd
Mitchell Hill Rd
Tapley Dr
Harriet Cir
Nonesuch Rd
Hodgdon Rd
Julia Dr
Deering Rd
Keene Dr
South Branch Terr
Bridle Path Ln
Saddle LN
Halter Ln
Kinney Rd
Sandy Terr
Harriman Dr
Distant Pines Dr
Edgefield Dr
Brookdale Dr
Mountview Dr
Gerrys Way
Washburn Dr
Straw Rd
Waterhouse Rd
Mary Ann Dr
Crestwood Dr
Route 5 – Week of 5/8/17                                                        
Runnings Springs Rd
Oakwood Dr
Weeks Rd
Canterbury Pines Dr
Sunrise Ln
Village Woods Dr
Shady Run Ln
Winterberry Dr
Solomon Dr
Darin Dr
Quincy Dr
Polliwog Ln
Kaitlin Dr
Starlit Way
Bradford Dr
Craig Dr
Matthew Dr
Middle School Dr
William Henry Dr
Adeline Dr
Lucina Terr
Teran St
Samantha Dr
Kiara Ln
Route 6 – Week of 5/8/17                                
College Ave
Valley View Dr
Settlers Way
Pioneer Cir
Phinney St
Meadow Crossing Ln
Cressey Rd (Rt 25 - Lovers Ln)
Lovers Ln
Green Trees Dr
School St
Fort Hill Rd (Valley View Dr - School St)
Longview Dr
Martin Dr
Church St
Cross St
Glenwood Ave
Water St
Academy St
Gordon Farms
Mechanic St
Railroad Ave
Elm St
Lincoln St
Preble St
Robie St
Highland Ave
Merciers Way
Falcon Creast
Peregrine Dr
Dana St
Donna St.
Elizabeth St
Johnson Rd
Hillview Rd
Western Ave
Park Ave
Main St. (114 TO Public Safety)
Bouchard Dr
Wentworth Dr
State St (114 to Round a bout)
Tink Dr
Stephanie Dr
Route 7 – Week of 5/15/17                                                     
Flaggy Meadow Rd
Cressey Rd (Rt 202 - Rt 25)
Heather Way
Osbourne Rd
Richard Rd
Davis Annex
Field Crest
Roberts Circle
Narragansett St
Briarwood Ln
Harding Rd
Alden Ln
Lombard St
Ball park Rd
Pine St
Green St
Morrill Ave
Douglass Cir
Access Rd
Sylvan Dr
School Dr
Twilight Ln
Spruce Ln
Municipal Center/ Walks
Baxter Library/ Walks
Ridgeway Ave
Maplewood Dr
South St (Rt 25 to Weeks Rd)
Route 8 – Week of 5/15/17                                                     
Finn Parker
Wood Rd
Clay Rd
Dwaynes Way
Sally Dr
Jordan Dr
Emma Ln
Alexander Dr
Files Rd
Ledge Hill Rd
Elliot Rd
Line Rd
Daniel St
Jonathan St
Dingley Spring Rd (Rt 25 - Line Rd)
Patrick Estates
Balsam Ln
Rust Rd
Farrington Rd
Dow Rd
Route 9 – Week of 5/22/17                                                     
Dingley Springs Rd (Rt 25 - Rt 114)
Shaws Mill Rd
Spiller Rd
Truman Dr
Buck St
North St
Marion St
Jane St
Gloria St
Sanborn St
Kathryn St
Quail Ridge Rd
Cold Springs Ln
Christopher Rd
Jennifer Way
Paige Dr
Shelby Dr
Boulder Dr
Maple Ridge Rd
Ritz Farm Rd
Hayfield Dr
Mighty St
Route 10 – Week of 5/22/17                                                   
Rt 237 (Huston Rd - Standish Town Line)
North Gorham Rd
Underhill Dr
Beverly Ln
Wilson Rd
Hurricane Rd
Nason Rd
Standish Neck Rd
Rainbow Ln
Middle Jam Rd
Hickory Ln
Crockett Rd
Brookwood Dr
Kemp Rd
Whipple Rd
Route 11 – Week of 5/29/17                                                   
Barstow Rd
Dunlap Rd
Plummer Rd
Woodland Rd
High Meadow Dr
Wescott Rd
White Rock Dr
White Rock Cir
George St
Terry St
Great Falls Rd
Goodall Rd
Wilson Rd (West of Rt 237)
Bear Run
Partridge Ln
Winslow Rd
Stevens Dr
Gambo Rd
Dyer Rd
Timothy Dr