Mission Statement

Our Vision:

Gorham Fire/Rescue Department shall be a leader in the delivery of Fire, Rescue, and Emergency Services and to transform today’s Fire/Rescue Service into a progressive, proactive, professional and cost effective service. A service that will exceed today’s, and meet tomorrow’s demands.

Our Values:

Gorham Fire/Rescue Department’s values are based upon the fact that: we care for our customers and each other with dignity, respect, honesty, compassion and kindness. We encourage all department members to embark on a quest for personnel excellence by being responsible for their actions, practicing the highest degree of ethical behavior, and to use their best judgment, and training in making decisions.

Our Commitment:

Gorham Fire/Rescue Department shall commit to the delivery of extraordinary customer services, including proactive public safety programs, code enforcement, and professional response to all calls for service. We will not be satisfied with the status quo, and will continually search for better and more cost effective ways to serve the customer and achieve our professional goals. We will be innovative by constantly exploring new concepts and methods in order to increase our efficiency and/or effectiveness. We will aggressively seek and accept partnerships to improve the quality of and cost effectiveness of our organization and service. We will further encourage personnel growth through the offerings of numerous training opportunities in order to assure the highest degree of skills and safety available to our customers.

Our Mission:

Gorham Fire/Rescue Department’s mission will always remain: to protect and enhance the high quality of life of our residents, guest, and neighboring communities through the effective, safe, and efficient delivery of emergency and non – emergency services.