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Trash and Recycling Information

The Town has contracted with R. W. Herrick to collect household trash and recyclables from every home and apartment building of three units or less. The trash should be placed at curbside in special trash bags, or in regular trash bags with Gorham Trash Tags, which can be purchased in local stores.  Please note that there is a 50 pound limit on trash placed in these trash bags.

Beginning February 2016, the Town of Gorham is offering another option for people who use the Town's curbside trash collection program. In addition to placing Gorham Trash bags out for pickup, residents may purchase a tag and attach it to a regular commercial trash bag for weekly pickup instead of using a Gorham Trash bag.

Where can I purchase these special trash bags or bag tags?
The special trash bags and bag tags can be purchased at Hannaford stores in Gorham and Standish, Shaws Supermarket in Westbrook, Cook's Hardware,  Community Pharmacy, Baxter Memorial Library, Phinney Lumber on Route 114, Lampron's Little Mart, Route 25 in West Gorham, Friendly Village office. The Town plans to add additional stores to this network in the near future.

How much will the bags cost and what size will they be?
There are two sizes of trash bags:  15-gallon trash bags are sold in a package of 10 bags for a cost of $12.50 and 33-gallon trash bags are sold in a package of 5 bags for a cost of $12.50.  The tags are the same price as the Gorham trash bags and come in a sheet of 5 tags. A Pink sheet with 5 tags will cost $6.25 ($1.25 each) and can be used on any trash bag up to 15 gallons. A Yellow sheet with 5 tags will cost $12.50 ($2.50 each) and can be used for any trash bag up to 33 gallons.

Will our trash be picked up on holidays?
The contractor will not collect trash or recycled material on the following four (4) holidays:

1.      New Years Day , January 1
2.      Independence Day, July 4
3.      Thanksgiving Day, last Thursday in November
4.      Christmas, December 25

Homes that are scheduled for trash pick up on those four holidays are picked up the next day. For example, if July 4 is on a Monday, and your normal trash collection day is Monday, your trash will be picked up on Tuesday . This pushes trash and recycling collection for the rest of the week ahead one day.  Wednesday's routes will be collected on Thursday and Thursday's routes will be collected on Friday. The following week we will return to the normal collection schedule.

What if there is a bad storm, will my trash still be picked up?
During significant storm events collection may be canceled or rescheduled.  Please call Public Works at 892-3649 for information.  The Town will put a notice on the Town’s web site under "News and Events"  and on the Cable TV bulletin board on Channel 3.

What happens if I don't use the special trash bags or bag tags and put my garbage out in a regular, un-tagged trash bag?
The contractor will only collect trash in Gorham trash bags and trash bags with a Gorham trash tag.

What day will my trash be picked up?
If your road or street is not listed in the schedule linked below call Public Works 892-3649

What time should I put my trash out at curbside?
The collection trucks will start their routes at 7 a.m. each morning. Your trash should be out by 7 a.m.
We recommend if you put your trash out the night before that it be placed in containers to protect if from dogs or wild animals. The contractor is on a strict schedule and will not have time to stop and clean up a mess that has been created by animals.

Will the Town's curbside collection program collect trash on a private road or will it collect only on a public road?
The contractor will collect trash on a private road that is constructed to Town private road specifications, provided that all of the property owners along the private road sign a waiver of liability and receive approval by the Public Works Director. If the property owners do not want to sign a waiver of liability, then the trash will need to be taken out to the public road for collection.

Who are the licensed trash haulers in Gorham?
The Town of Gorham has an ordinance that requires all commercial and residential trash haulers doing business in Gorham to be licensed.  The following trash haulers are currently licensed.

Troiano Waste Services, 767-2070, licensed commercial refuse collector
TNT Trucking/Pine State Disposal, 772-1615, licensed commercial refuse collector  
BBI Waste Industries, 934-3880, licensed commercial refuse collector  
Pinetree Waste, Inc., 883-9777, licensed commercial and residential refuse collector
R. W. Herrick, Inc., 675-3066, licensed commercial refuse collector

How do I recycle?
You may place your recycling materials in a tote, milk crate, plastic container, or clear plastic bag (tied at the top) at the curb on your regular trash pick up day.
New residents may pick up one free plastic recycling bin at Public Works or in the Town Clerk's Office. Additional plastic bins can be purchased for $9.00. Some residents may want to use more than one container, and we encourage you to go to purchase additional containers as needed, either at your local store or the Public Works Department or in the Town Clerk's Office.

All recyclables can go into one bin.

As of May 7, 2007, there is no need to sort or separate recyclables by type. Simply combine all glass, metal, paper, cardboard, and plastics into one recycling container and place it at curbside on your trash pick-up day.

What can be recycled?
Paper: newspaper, magazines, catalogs, paper bags, junk mail, residential mixed paper, telephone books, etc.

Cardboard and paperboard: cereal boxes, egg cartons, corrugated cardboard, file folders, aseptic milk and juice cartons. All of this material should be flattened.

Other Recyclables: steel or aluminum cans, empty aerosol cans, aluminum foil, glass bottles and jars, jar lids, plastic containers of any color with a PET rating of 1 through 7. This includes milk jugs, laundry detergent containers, and many other plastic containers. In addition, plastic bags may also be recycled.
NO light bulbs, hypodermic needles or sharp objects, bubble wrap, vinyl siding, Styrofoam, toys, diapers, potato chip bags or trash.
Compact Florescent Light bulbs:  Phinney Lumber, located at 519 Fort Hill Road, will accept unbroken compact florescent light bulbs for recycling free of charge.  Customers can bring in their CFL bulbs and leave them with a store associate for recycling.
The Home Depot also has a compact florescent light (a/k/a CFL) bulb recycling program at all The Home Depot locations.  There is no cost for this service.  At each The Home Depot store, customers can bring in any expired, unbroken CFL bulbs, and give them to the store associate at the returns desk.  
For additional information on what may be recycled, please visit Ecomaine at the following link:  Ecomaine
Where can I dispose of used (waste) oil?
The Town will continue to take waste oil by appointment at the Public Works Department off Huston Road. Gorham residents may call the Public Works Department at 892-9062 and make an appointment to bring their waste oil to Public Works Monday through Thursday from noon to 1 p.m. Other places that accept waste oil include Allan Auto on St. John Street in Portland. Allan Auto will accept clean waste oil in 5-gallon buckets or 55-gallon drums at no charge. Their telephone number is 775-0968.

How can I dispose of metal products like refrigerators, stoves, etc.?
Locations that accept metal products for a fee include Riverside Recycling in Portland (telephone number 797-6200) and Community Recycling Center in Scarborough (telephone number 885-9093).

Can I dispose of large bulky waste, like a mattress or chair, at curbside?
Yes, for the convenience of our citizens, we have negotiated a special service to provide Gorham residents an opportunity to dispose of large bulky burnable waste. There is an additional fee for this service, and the resident will have to come to the Town Office to buy a special tag that would be placed on the item. The cost is $5 for any item that is less than 3 feet in any dimension (less than 3 feet high, 3 feet wide, or 3 feet long).  Rugs, rug pads and boxes should be cut into manageable sizes, preferably 3'x3' and 3' strips for rugs (2-3 strips can be rolled up together for rugs and rug pads).  The cost is $10.00 for an item that is greater than 3 feet wide, 3 feet high, or 3 feet long.

Can I put leaves and brush at curbside?
No, leaves and brush wont be picked up at curbside. However, the Town will continue to allow Gorham residents to bring brush to the Public Works Department for a two-week period each spring and two-week period each fall. The actual dates are announced each year depending on weather and other conditions.

Shaw Brothers will also accept brush at their H-Pit located off Route 237. Their telephone number at H-Pit is 892-6363. You should call to find out current pricing and when you can deliver your brush.

Between April 15th and November 15th of each year residents may bring leaves and grass clippings to the transfer station facility on Huston Road for disposal. Residents may place the leaves and grass at the marked location to be composted by Public Works. **Please do not leave trash bags with the leaves and brush.   

Composting yard and kitchen waste can reduce trash volume by as much as 30%. Public Works offers compost units for a cost of $46 for Gorham .
FMI about composting, see the following links:

Can I recycle demolition debris (concrete, windows, sheetrock, asphalt shingles) at curbside?
No, unfortunately this program is not able to handle this material. However, Gorham residents may take this material for a fee to; Riverside Recycling in Portland (telephone 797-6200) or Community Recycling Center in Scarborough (telephone number 885-9093).

How can I dispose of hazardous waste like mercury, paint, pesticides, etc.?
Hazardous wastes require special handling, and the State is working to develop more effective disposal options. ~Currently, Clean Harbors Environmental Services at 17 Main St. in South Portland provides this service. Their telephone number is 799-8111.  Click here for additional information on pesticide disposal.

What if I have read this material and still have a question?

Call the Public Works Hotline at 892-3649 or e-mail

Gorham Municipal Center, 75 South Street, Suite 1, Gorham, ME 04038 | (207) 222-1670